Airpur 20 Details:

Deep Clean with ozone to combat viruses. The AirPur 20 with its ozone output of 20 grams per hour is the highest performing machine in its class.

AirPur ozone generators are designed to completely sanitise the air and objects in a room. Our Ozone cleaners use ozone to sanitise everything their tiny particles touch and kill any bacteria/virus living there.

Ozone is an activated version of the oxygen that occurs naturally.  It contains three oxygen molecules and not two. The third molecule can detach and apply itself to other chemicals or substances. The ozone particles break the substance/chemicals down to completely eliminate them.


Ozone cleans faster than some of the cleaning agents that are popularly used, like chlorine or bleach, and leaves the area completely sanitised. 

AirPur 20 will effectively neutralise harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, mould and other contaminants in any indoor environment.

Its versatility makes it perfect for a wide range of applications including healthcare facilities, hotels, manufacturing facilities, offices, supermarkets and speciality cleaning services.

  • Disinfects and sanitises the air

  • Break down surface pathogens 

  • Purifies the air and eliminate odours

  • Eliminate bacteria and inactivates viruses

  • Safe for people, animals and objects

  • Ecological and economic 


Choose a sustainable way to eliminate odours and sanitise with AIrPur 20.

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