Whether you have an old obsolete AC motor that needs replacing, or a relatively new model that has failed, we should, in most cases, be able to help you find a solution. With our extensive experience and knowhow, we will be able to identify a replacement model with just a few answered questions. If the motor requires modifications to its mountings or shaft or wiring, we have workshop facilities capable of handling the vast majority of tasks required.   Just because it's old, don't think there's no hope...give us a call and we'll see what we can do for you.

Maybe it's not just the motor that has failed but the entire fan assembly that has corroded or is beyond repair. With an accurate drawing or even better, the original sample unit at our premises in Littlehampton, we can produce a drawing and have a completely new unit fabricated. You will find that the cost of a new motor + new fan impellers + fan deck and fan cowls is not prohibitive and can be completed and delivered to you in full working order in just a matter of days.

All modified motors that have had either mounting pads or mounting lugs fitted will be spray painted and electrically tested prior to dispatch. Likewise, all fan assemblies that we have fabricated will be powder coated, assembled and tested before carefully packing and sending on their way.